Confezione sottovuoto di frutti di mare

Let's analyze the characteristics of the vacuum skin packaging for seafood:

  • Three-dimensional

The vacuum skin packaging machine is a film that directly covers the product. After the vacuum skin-packing, the seafood can hardly be seen as a product that has been vacuum-packed. Like another layer of skin, the seafood can come alive from the eyes of consumers.

  • Strong display and tactile impact

After the product is packaged in the skin, the packaging effect is almost invisible due to the surface, and the skin film is closely attached to the product, which improves the grade of the product. The product form is clear at a glance. On the product, the thickness and transparency of the packaging bag cannot reach the state of the skin-fitting film, nor can it reach the tactile sensation of the consumer directly touching the product; With the sublimation of its own product value, the benefits brought to the enterprise are considerable.

  • Easy to eat

If we have an idea that whether the vacuum skin-packed products are seafood or not, we will find that the vacuum skin-packed products are small packaged products. Unlike the products packed in vacuum bags, the skin-packed products can satisfy consumers' There is no need to consider the problem of product storage because there are too many foods. When eating products packaged in the skin, as long as the skin is opened through the skin film, the food can be eaten directly.

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